q: do you guys allow bootlegging of your shows? and tape trading? and mp3s to be downloaded off of other sites or off of p2p's?

a: sure do, buster brown. but if you find anyone else selling our songs, please let us know.

q: i don't know what I'm doing here, what the hell is this crappy lo-fi site?

a: this is the minibosses web site. we are a phoenix based band dedicated to playing nes music with two guitars, a bass, and a drum set. we love playing, it's really fun.

: have you guys ever thought of doing megaman 2 music?

a: yes. and every time we play it, we think more about doing it.

q: where is the tab, big daddy?

a: hey remember when this answer said a whole bunch about not ever putting up any tab? we put up some tabs. it will be slow going at first - we'll add more as we get requests for them. also, the format of the tabs is such - they will be labeled 'aaron' or 'ben', not 'square 1' or 'square 2'. that's because we sometimes switch squares in the middle of medleys, or even in the middle of parts!! so these tabs will be what we each play, and where we play 'em.

q: how long have you guys been playing together?

a: wood and burke had played before in a band called the jenova project. they had about a years break from that and then in january of 2000 ben started playing with them, thanks to lisa fastenberg, who is about as hot as they come for an abstract algebra teacher.

q: where do you guys record/practice?

a: we recorded our first shitty demo album with jayce desantis in massachusetts (not his fault that it's shitty).  we recorded our ep with our friend john brandon. and then we recorded brass at a studio called flying blanket with the industrious bob hoag. we recorded brass 2 with the amazing tim green. the split cd we did with penny winblood used songs from brass.

q:   What do you guys use for equipment?